Miss Fox Aesthetics is your Brow + Lash + Waxing specialist

She’s the boss of custom-designed Henna Brows; turns heads with a luxe lash lift like no other; and, tames those pesky hairy bits with the gentlest of hands.


Brow Shape
Consult, measure, wax + tweeze $35

Brow Colour
Custom colour mix $35

Brow Shape + Brow Colour $45

Add a Lash Colour $10
Add a Hairy Bit 

Henna Brows

Premium, long-lasting colour

Brow Shape + Henna Brow Colour $55

Henna Brow Colour $35

Add a Lash Colour $10
Add a Hairy Bit 

Brow Lamination

No more unruly + flat brows. Achieve the ultimate fluffy brow

Brow Lamination + Brow Shape + Brow Colour $80

Brow Lamination + Brow Colour $70

Add a Lash Colour $10
Add a Hairy Bit $10


Volume + length + curl to natural lashes

Lash Lift + Lash Colour $80
Lash Colour $35

MF Works

Brow Lamination + Brow Shape + Brow Colour + Lash Lift + Lash Colour $140

Hairy bits

Lip, Chin, Ears, Nose $15 each
Fingers, Toes, Snail Trail $15 each


Top Up Brazilian | under 6 weeks $50
Regular Brazilian | 6-12 weeks $65
Beginner Brazilian | over 12 weeks $75
Extended Bikini $40
Bikini $30

Full Leg $50
¾ Leg $40
Lower Leg $30
Upper Leg $40

Underarm $25
Full Arm $40
¾ Arm $35
Half Arm $30

Full Back + Shoulders $55
Chest $55


Happy Client - Miss Fox Aesthetics - Hawkes Bay and Gisborne

 “Thank you so much, I love my eyebrows!  I’ve never had someone put time and effort into doing my eyebrows, so thank you.”  Sonya

“Sooo nice to meet you and OMG I’m obsessed with my brows.  Let’s make this regular!”  Holly

“The lash lift I 100% recommend. My lashes look longer and fuller. I have very straight lashes, so the lift was perfect.” Danni

“I highly recommend! I have very, very sparse brows, so most people take way too much off. Miss Fox actually made it look like I have way more brow hair then I do. So good, now my brows take 5 mins to define, instead of the normal 10 to 15mins.”  Danni

“I had my brows & lashes done by Chantelle and she nailed them. Highly recommend!”  Amanda


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