Brows + Lashes + Skin Treatments + Waxing
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Miss Fox Aesthetics is ya Brow + Lash + Skin + Waxing specialist.

Bringing customised, low-maintenance + street-ready looks to the aesthetically conscious humans of Hawke’s Bay.

AKA the best dang Lash Lifts + Tints, Brow Shaping, Henna Brows, Brow Lamination, Skin Treatments + Waxing for all folk with body hair.

Chantelle Fox - Miss Fox

I didn’t choose the brow life; the brow life chose me.

An internationally qualified Beauty Therapist for over 10 years - Miss Fox believes in finding your niche, refining your skill and creating customised looks for busy people who like to enhance what their Mama gave them.

Shop the best dang Brow + Lash + Skin + Body products from your couch

The vibe at Miss Fox isn’t to overwhelm you with an array of beauty therapy treatments and uncomfortable up-selling.

Instead, we stick to what we’re good at – that’s taming your brows, lashes, skin + hairy bits. But, to help a pal out we’ve put together a small, curated selection of tried and trusted products so you can maintain your brows, lashes, skin + smooth bits, at home, between appointments.

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Reusable Period Products

The Miss Fox difference

Why visit Miss Fox for your brows, lashes, skin treatments + hairy bits? Well, we’re glad you asked…

A consultation that gives you confidence.

Don’t you worry pal we’re not waxing, shaping or colouring to match the latest trend if it’s not going to enhance what you’ve been blessed with. And we certainly don't do fluffy facials. Ordinary ain't our thing.

Customised brow, lash, skin + waxing treatments that leave you looking street-ready + on top of your game.

You wish for it, and Miss Fox will work for it.

Skills to maintain your brows, lashes, fresh skin + smooth  bits between appointments.

Miss Fox will never whip you into shape and quickly wave you out the door.

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