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Bringing customised, low-maintenance and street-ready looks to the aesthetically conscious women of Napier and Gisborne

I didn’t choose the brow life; the brow life chose me.

An internationally qualified Beauty Therapist for over 10 years - Miss Fox believes in finding your niche, refining your skill and creating customised looks for the busy woman who likes to enhance what her Mama gave her.

When you visit Miss Fox in either her Napier or Gisborne studio, you won’t be overwhelmed with an array of beauty therapy treatments and uncomfortable up-selling. Instead, you’ll be welcomed into a safe space where you know your brows, lashes and hairy bits will be taken care of with expert hands and precision attention to detail.

The emphasis at Miss Fox Aesthetics is creating a customised brow, lash and waxing experience for each woman who steps into the studio. 

Chantelle Fox

Chantelle Fox

A consultation that gives you confidence

Don’t you worry lady we’re not waxing, shaping or colouring to match the latest trend if it’s not going to enhance what you’ve been blessed with.

Tell us about your likes and dislikes, your hopes and dreams and your beauty routine (or *cough* lack of – no judgement here, sister). Miss Fox Aesthetics wants to know how your brows, lashes and hairy bits fit into the bigger picture.

Customised brow, lash and waxing treatments that leave you looking street-ready and on top of your game.

You wish for it, and Miss Fox will work for it. 

Miss Fox isn’t bothered with being everything to everyone. She’s found her niche and she’s damn good at it. 

She’s all too aware that your brows introduce you before you even speak; your lashes give you the confidence to let someone see into your soul; and, your hairy bits are screaming to be tamed because date-night is tonight, and you just can’t find the time.

There’s no time for that brow shape, colour, lash lift or wax if it’s not going to show you in your best light. Miss Fox can custom blend a colour like no other, shape those brows to frame your gorgeous face, and smooth those hairy bits that you can’t quite reach…

No need to hide from the world, there’s minimal downtime after your brow, lash or waxing appointment. If your skin is a little more sensitive-sally, Miss Fox will ensure you’re nicely tidied before you step out the door.

Skills to maintain your brows, lashes and smooth bits between appointments

Miss Fox Aesthetics will never whip you into shape and wave you out the door.  You deserve the whole experience and the testament of a true brow, lash and waxing specialist is a treatment that looks natural, street-ready and lasts the distance between appointments. 

You’ll get the low-down on each treatment, and tips and tricks on how to maintain your shaped, coloured and smooth new look at home.

Girl, you deserve the best!  So, have your brows, lashes and hairy bits tamed by the best. 

Happy client

Miss Fox Aesthetics is a Brow + Lash + Waxing specialist

She’s the boss of custom-designed Henna Brows; turns heads with a luxe lash lift like no other; and, tames those pesky hairy bits with the gentlest of hands.

Miss Fox Aesthetics
Treatment Menu

Brow Shape | consult, measure, wax + tweeze $30
Brow Colour | consult, measure + custom colour mix $25
Henna Brow Colour | premium, long-lasting colour $35
Brow Shape + Brow Colour $40
Brow Shape + Henna Brow Colour $50
Add a Lash Colour $10
Add a Hairy Bit lip, chin etc $10


Lash Lift | give volume, length,
curl + colour to natural lashes $75
Lash Colour $25

Hairy bits

Lip, Chin, Ears, Nose $15 each
Fingers, Toes, Snail Trail $15 each


Top Up Brazilian | under 6 weeks $50
Regular Brazilian | 6-12 weeks $60
Beginner Brazilian | over 12 weeks $70
Extended Bikini $35
Bikini $25

Full Leg $50
¾ Leg $40
Lower Leg $30
Upper Leg $35

Underarm $20
Full Arm $40
¾ Arm $35
Half Arm $30

Full Back + Shoulders $50
Chest $50

Visit Miss Fox

Ready to have your brows, lashes and hairy bits tamed? It’s easy – tap the BOOK NOW button and let Miss Fox Aesthetics take care of the rest.

You can find Miss Fox in her Brow + Lash + Waxing studios across both Napier and Gisborne.

Vertu Hair
61 Dalton Street, Napier

Mane St Hair Design
655 Gladstone Rd, Gisborne

Happy client

 “Thank you so much, I love my eyebrows!  I’ve never had someone put time and effort into doing my eyebrows, so thank you.”  Sonya

“Sooo nice to meet you and OMG I’m obsessed with my brows.  Let’s make this regular!”  Holly

“The lash lift I 100% recommend. My lashes look longer and fuller. I have very straight lashes, so the lift was perfect.” Danni

“I highly recommend! I have very, very sparse brows, so most people take way too much off. Miss Fox actually made it look like I have way more brow hair then I do. So good, now my brows take 5 mins to define, instead of the normal 10 to 15mins.”  Danni

“I had my brows & lashes done by Chantelle and she nailed them. Highly recommend!”  Amanda

Miss Fox Aesthetics

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