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Don’t just wish for calm, firm, bright + clear skin. Get it!

And we’re not talkin’ fluffy facials.

‘Cos here at Miss Fox Aesthetics? We don’t do ordinary + neither should you. 

We're talkin' targeted Dermalogica skin treatments that get to the core of your concerns + start you on your journey to the skin confidence you deserve.

MF Face Map

10 mins | $20

Don’t just wish for good skin. Get it!

Let’s get to the core of your skin concerns + suss the start of your healthy skin journey. From pinpointing your true skin type (no more guessing) to uncovering the skin conditions that truly irk you - Face Mapping takes a deep dive into your skin, finds products that will work for your skin, not against it + help you reach your skin goals. The cost? Is 100% redeemable on product - yeooow!

PS. When ya book a MF Calm, MF Firm, MF Bright + MF Clear Skin Treatment - a Face Map consult is complimentary. How good? So good!

MF Calm

30 mins | $69 

Say bye bye to sensitive skin struggles + heya to a happy, hydrated face

Your skin? Will feel cool, calm + collected. No more redness ruining your day. Our secret? Well, we don’t gate-keep good skin ‘round here. It’s a soothing blend of botanical actives that work wonders on all sensitive skin conditions - yup, we’re talkin’ about eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, + those pesky dryness battles. Combined with our dynamic duo lymphatic drainage + pressure-point massage you’ll be 30-sweet-minutes away from calm skin + a zen nervous system.

MF Firm

30 mins | $69

Hey Miss Fox, is it possible to do a workout while taking a 30-minute nap?

Round here… ab-so-lute-ly. Step inside our skin gym + discover the difference of a tighter, toned + lifted face. Our nifty combination of facial firming + toning techniques work oh-so-hard (while you don’t lift a finger) with retexturizing + replenishing products to reveal smooth-as-silk skin. Trust us, this is the kinda (skin) workout you won’t wanna miss. PSSST - it also won’t cost ya a monthly donation membership + you’ll feel the results straight away.

MF Bright

30 mins | $69

What if we told you we could brighten up your day + your skin. Would you want in? Course ya would

Don’t let dull skin get you down. Prepare yo’self for the ultimate skin transformation. We’ve packed this high intensity 3-step treatment with the dream team infusion of brightening actives - Vitamin C, Niacinamide, + Hexylresorcinol. They work together to ditch the dark spots, reduce uneven pigmentation + reveal a brighter +  more even skin tone.

MF Clear

30 mins | $69

Who needs filters? Not you. Embrace that clear skin glow

We get it. Pesky skin troubles are a drain - but we’ve also got ya covered. No more blackheads or breakouts are holding you back. You might even call us the superhero of skin. Swooping in to clear away congestion + calm your post-breakout inflammation with our powerful actives + soothing skin techniques. Wave goodbye to those blemishes + hello to a clearer, confident complexion!


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