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Shaving Guide for Beginners

Shaving for the first time? Get familiar with these 6 simple shaving tips + prevent ingrown hairs, razor rash + love the skin you're in. 

6 Simple Steps: The Miss Fox Shaving Guide For Beginners

Ok, Ok - in true Miss Fox fashion I’m gonna start this Shaving Tips for Beginners Guide with a little pep talk.


Body hair is normal. From a furry face to ya va-jay-jay + right down to ya hairy little toes (+ every inch of ya beautiful bod in between). Humans have hair, everywhere. And the choice to let it grow or remove it is 100% yours. Your body, your choice - don’t ever forget that. Capeesh?

As your resident Hawke’s Bay Waxologist it’s no secret that wax chat is hella common in the Miss Fox Studio.

Friends of Miss Fox have come to lean on me as their hair removal expert (*humble brag*) + for that, there are no words to express my stoke-level. Chur!

But here’s the thing… no matter how you choose to remove your hair - I’ve got you. In fact 80% of Miss Fox clients choose to shave. What matters most to me is that you look after the skin you’re in.

So, if you find ya-self reaching for the razor - here’s 6 Simple Steps for the best darn shave of ya life (I’m talkin’ byeeee ingrowns, razor rash, skin irritations, nicks + cuts).

Invest in a superior razor…

Yip, just like no two bodies are the same - razors have differences too.

I’ve done the hard work for you - testing + trialing a bunch of razors before finding the holy grail of at-home hair removal tools. It’s why I proudly stock the Bronte Body Reusable Safety Razor. In my humble opinion it’s the #1 safe, sustainable + cute shaving solution. Suitable for all humans with hair, the Bronte Body Razor eliminates razor burn, skin irritations + ingrowns for your closest shave yet. Completely plastic-free, contains no nasty-chemicals + 100% Vegan + Cruelty Free. Doing the ol’ switcheroo to this safety razor will also help you save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Before you get started…

  • If this is your first time shaving or you’re getting familiar with a new razor - take your time. Do not shave under time pressure. 

  • If you’re using a Bronte Body Reusable Safety Razor - handle the blades with care. They’re very sharp. When you’re assembling the razor, always hold the blade by the short ends. The blade goes between the two headpieces of your razor. Make sure the bottom of the headpiece is facing up, otherwise it won’t cut.

  • Soften your hair by shaving at the end of a warm bath or shower.  Wet hair is shorter than when it’s dry + cuts easier.

Look after your razor blades…

  • Always use a clean, sharp blade. You're more likely to cut yourself with a dull one.
  • Change your razor blades frequently - like every 5-7 shaves (depending on how often you shave, the thickness of your hair + where you store your razor). Bacteria can build on older blades, which often results in razor burn.
  • Don’t leave your razor in a wet, humid shower. This reduces the life of your blade + will feed bacteria growth.

Miss Fox Top Tip: Keep your Bronte Razor free from germs + lengthen the life of your blade by keeping it safe on the Bronte Razor Stand.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate…

  • This super important step removes dead skin cells from your body + allows for a closer shave. Dead skin cells can clog your hair follicles + trap hair under the skin, resulting in ingrown hairs.
  • Exfoliation helps your shave lather cosy up closer against your skin - the blade cuts closer (hello next level smooth) + protects against skin irritation.

Miss Fox Top Tip: Exfoliate gently with the BumpEraiser Exfoliating Mitt before shaving + then again 2-3 days afterwards to encourage normal growth post-shave + prevent ingrown hairs.

Experience your best shave yet by using a shaving lubricant…

  • Use a skin nourishing oil to provide extra glide + a protective layer to minimise irritation + hydrate as you go. 
  • Next add a thin layer of rich shaving soap.  Lather in your hand for 10-20 seconds so that it’s creamy + will scoop off your hand.
  • The fattier the substance the less friction between your skin + the razor.

Miss Fox Top Tips: My go-to shaving lubes + soaps are the Bronte Body Shaving Oil + the Bronte Body Creamy Shave Soap. Take care to prevent a silly-Sally-slip by applying your oil with one hand + shaving with the other.

The safest shaving style…

  • When using your reusable razor, hold at a 30 degree angle + don’t apply pressure. The weight of your Bronte Body Razor will do the job for you. 
  • Stretch your skin gently + use short, slow strokes (around 1-2cm at a time) especially around curves - I’m talkin’ ankles + knees here. Rinse the razor when it’s full.
  • If you have sensitive skin or stubborn stubble soak the skin a little longer + shave with the hair growth (not against it).
  • For longer or coarse hair (like the bikini area) start by shaving with (not against) the hair growth. This will shorten the hair first + then you can do the reverse (against the hair). Following this step is the best solution for softer, smoother skin.

Miss Fox Top Tip: Go back + read bullet point #1 under this heading - the weight of your razor is enough pressure to achieve a close shave. It’s a totes different experience to shaving with a plastic supermarket razor.

Post-shave care…

  • Rinse your skin with cool water + pat dry to close pores + reduce chance of any irritation.
  • Lock in moisture with your Bronte Shave Oil or an Anihana Mositurising Stick to repair, soothe + heal your skin.
  • Rinse your razor + let air dry before storing.

Miss Fox Top Tip: From time to time, treat your reusable safety razor to a good clean. Simply soak for a short time in hot soapy water + wipe with a clean cloth.  Don't use detergents as it might affect the protective coating.

And that Foxy Fam is shaving 101.

If you’re thinking of adding a Bronte Body Reusable Safety Razor to your shave-kit, I Miss-Fox-Pinky-Promise you the hardest part will be choosing your colour. And will you have any regrets? Yip. Just one. Not making the switcheroo to a safe, sustainable + cute shaving solution yonks ago.

Holla if you have any questions.


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