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The Miss Fox Beginners Guide To Waxing

New to waxing ya body hair? Or wondering what the difference is between a Bikini Wax, Extended Bikini or Brazilian? Well… good thing you’ve landed here. You’re in the right place. As your resident Hawke’s Bay Waxologists, we’re dishing the 101 on all things body waxing with our waxing tips + frequently asked questions for beginners. 

But first. In true Miss Fox fashion. A little pep talk. If you’ve read the Miss Fox Shaving Guide For Beginners, you’ll know what we’re about to say. If you haven’t, here goes…

Body hair is normal. From a furry face to ya va-jay-jay + right down to ya hairy little toes (+ every inch of ya beautiful bod in between). Humans have hair. Everywhere. And the choice to let it grow or remove it is 100% yours. Your body, your choice - don’t ever forget that. Capeesh?

This blog? Is for the wax curious. Those who are ready to ditch the razor + start their body waxing journey. And we’re kickin’ it off with our #1 Tip.

For the love of smooth bits + healthy skin, please don’t DIY your wax.

Trust us + visit a waxing professional. Waxing yourself may save you a few dollars but inferior wax, poor technique + not being able to reach allll of your bod is not only messier + more painful but often leads to skin irritations, ingrowns + unhealthy skin. Here’s what Friend of Miss Fox, Tamara, had to say about a little lockdown 2020 DIY wax.

“Dear Miss Fox, today I attempted to wax my armpits, it was awful… And I traumatised my 11 year-old. Looking forward to heading back to your place. Yours hairy & from afar.” - Tamara.

If you’re looking for the best darn waxing experience in Hawke’s Bay, you’ll find it right here at Miss Fox Aesthetics. Not a Napier, Hastings or Havelock North resident? Flick us a DM on Insta + we might be able to recommend a waxing specialist near you.

4 benefits of regular waxing vs. shaving:

  1. Waxed body hair lasts much longer than shaving because we remove the hair from the root, rather than cutting it off at the skin’s surface. Shaving regrowth + stubble often starts to show 12-24hrs after your shave + because the hair is cut off at skin-level it regrows with a coarse blunt tip. Not to mention shaving rash, ingrown hairs, nicks + cuts + the nooks + crannies you can’t quite reach with gnarly plastic razors.
  2. An A+ waxing professional can help to rid you of skin irritations (byeee shaving rash + skin nicks + cuts), ingrown hairs + that annoying regrowth itch.
  3. Heyyyy smooth skin. Waxing specialists know how to remove allll your body hair - everything is gone. No missed spots, patches + no more extreme shower + bath yoga moves to reach those tricky nooks + crannies. 
  4. With the Miss Fox waxing technique your hair will grow back softer, tapered, less-dense + can take up to 6 weeks for the hair to grow back. If you’ve been shaving it may take a few waxes to get your hair into a regular, healthy growth cycle. But, with 4-6 week regular waxing appointments your waxes will be quicker, more comfortable + over time your smooth bits will last longer.

3 tips to prepare for your waxing appointment:

  1. Wait for at least 2-3 weeks post-shaving to have your first wax. Ideally your body hair should be at least 0.5-1cm - the longer the hair the easier it is to grip the wax + remove it from the root.
  2. Exfoliate your skin the day before your waxing appointment. Ditch your deodorant, moisturisers + skincare that morning (on the skin area you’re booked in for).
  3. If you’re worried about your wax being uncomfortable, you can pop a panadol just before your appointment. It’s also a good idea to avoid coffee a few hours before your appointment. Caffeine contains stimulants that can make your skin more sensitive. 

5 tips for post-wax care:

It’s totally normal for your skin to feel a little warm + pink for the first 24hrs following your appointment. Here’s a few tips to help you out…

  • Don’t apply any products to the waxed area for 24hrs after your appointment - that includes your deodorant, mositurisers + exfoliants. If your skin is Super-Senstitive-Sally, you may like to apply Aloe Vera - but nothing else.
  • Avoid heat + friction until any redness goes away - no exercising, sweating, swimming, sun or tight clothing.
  • 2-3 days after waxing is the perfect time to start exfoliating. You can continue to do this 2-3 times each week. Regular exfoliation will help to avoid ingrown hairs + keep your skin super smooth between waxing appointments. 

MF Pro-Tip: Meet Bump Eraiser. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, this magic mitt is a must. 90% of Miss Fox clients successfully keep ingrown hairs at bay by using this super quality exfoliating mitt. Regular use buffs away the naturally occurring build-up of dead skin cells that trap hairs, reducing the chance of ingrown hairs from forming. If you’re super prone to those pesky ingrowns, you may like to add Bump Eraiser Medi Paste to your routine.

  • Keep your skin hydrated with regular moisturising. It’s just as important as exfoliating. Moisture is super important to ensure healthy skin turnover which allows hairs to grow through to the skin surface.

MF Rates + Recommends: Bronte Body Shave Oil + Anihana Solid Moisturing Sticks.

  • Book regular waxing appointments. Your body hair naturally sits in different stages of the hair growth cycle. Ideally you want your hair to grow through at the same stage so the results of your wax last for longer. This usually happens after 2-4 weeks for most people. And remember - coming in regularly means a faster + more comfortable waxing experience.

There’s waxing + then there’s the Miss Fox waxing technique…

Look, we get it. Before stepping inside the Miss Fox studio we hear allll kinds of wax trauma stories + myths from hairy humans. And our #1 question? Does it HURT?

Our thoughts + experience? Well, waxing certainly doesn’t tickle. But a great professional wax shouldn’t have you jumping off the bed. It comes down to an experienced Waxologist (that’s us) with a stellar technique (that’s us, again) + high-quality wax products (yup, we only use the best). Using the correct wax for the correct body part is super important to ensure skin safety + proper hair removal to avoid snapped + ingrown hairs. The Miss Fox technique also uses skin stretching, smaller wax patches + a cold compress to ensure maximum comfort. We also allow plenty of time - unfortunately a fast wax often doesn’t mean a comfortable wax.

Read on to get the low-down on our most frequently asked waxing questions:

  • What wax do you use?

Don’t you worry, pal – here at Miss Fox we only use the best in the biz. Caron Lab is the wax of choice around here, it’s a superior quality wax with the best ingredients – made in Australia. Wax is not just wax! Cheap, inferior products with poor quality ingredients is the main cause of skin irritation. We’re not here for that. 

We use Hot Wax for Bikini + Brazilian Waxing. It’s very gentle on the skin + especially fanny-tastic on sensitive areas like bikini, underarm + face. This is because it tends to adhere to the hair rather than the skin + the warmth of the wax softens your skin + hair follicle. Hot Wax is applied in a thick layer, left to dry + then removed on its own. 

We use Strip Wax for larger + more tolerant areas of the body - think arms, legs, back + chest. Strip Wax is applied in a thin layer + then removed using a calico strip.

  • Is sharing wax safe? 

Oh no, we don’t do that! Miss Fox has a strict no double-dipping policy. It’s like double dipping chips + dip with a group of strangers. Yuck! Using the same spatula in a wax pot multiple times is not only gross, it’s a huge health risk.

  • What is a Bikini Wax?

Miss Fox waxes any pubic hair that sprouts from the crease of your leg / pelvis to your inner thigh (kinda where ya knickers sit).

  • What is an Extended Bikini Wax?

We reach a little higher than a Bikini wax – going an inch or two further inwards without reaching the labia or the back.

  • What is a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax removes all your pubic hair – front, underneath + right to the back (Miss Fox will remove those little tail feathers that you can’t . quite . reach.) You’re welcome to leave a strip or triangle at the front if fully nude isn’t your thing.

  • Should I trim before a Brazilian Wax?

Nope, no need. Not only is it our job but, the longer the hair, the easier it is to grip the wax + properly remove it from the root.

  • Can I have a Brazilian Wax during my period?

Absolutely. You might be a little more Sensitive-Sally during your period – especially the first few days of menstruation – so it might pay to leave it towards the end. But, there’s no need to cancel your appointment if Aunt Flo turns up.

  • I’m feeling a little anxious about you waxing ‘down there’. Any reassuring words?

Ahhh yip. Firstly, the stuff your body does + the way it looks is normal, accepted + respected in the Miss Fox studio. Fanny, vagina, FAgina, v-jay-jay, muffy - whatever you wanna call it. The Miss Fox crew has been around the waxing block for a bit + we’ve never met a fanny we couldn’t wax. Yo lady garden deserves some lovin’.

We hand-on-foxy-heart promise you, Miss Fox is an awkward-free zone. Once you’ve seen one vagina, you’ve seen them all. Every fanny + any fanny is welcome is the Miss Fox studio. Dignity + respect is at our core. While we’re known for our good banter we’re also extremely professional. We’ll leave the room to give you time to change. And you’ll be given a paper g-string + modesty towel to cover yo’self + stay cosy during your waxing treatment.

  • What are Hairy Bits?

They’re those pesky little bits you can’t wait to get rid of. Think lip, chin, ears + nose, toes + snail trails. Yip, Miss Fox tames those too. Hairy bits become smooth bits - yes please!

So there you have it Foxy Friends + Fam. The low-down on waxing with Miss Fox - the benefits, pre + post waxing care + the (now not so secret) Miss Fox technique + frequently asked waxing questions. 

Still got our #1 most asked question on your mind? We’ll leave the final words to Friends of Miss Fox, Michelle + Sonja…

“Thank you so much for the one of the least painful wax’s I’ve ever had. Highly, highly recommend.” - Michelle

“Chantelle has a way of making you feel relaxed, comfortable + totally confident that you will leave with the best possible results.  I visit Miss Fox for my waxing + eyebrow shape + colour + will not go anywhere else. 100% recommend.” - Sonja

Curious about the Miss Fox difference? If you’re a human of Hawke’s Bay, jump online + book your Napier waxing appointment with us.


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