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What To Do Before + After A Spray Tan With Miss Fox

Can ya hear that? Yip, it’s the joyous sounds of the humans of Hawke’s Bay squealing with excitement as word gets around that your fav brow + lash + waxing specialists (aka the dynamic duo at Miss Fox Aesthetics) are now offering in-studio spray tans.

Whether you’ve got a spesh event coming up, wanna feel like you’ve spent a week in the tropics when you were really watching Casper the Friendly Ghost on Netflix, or you’re after that sun-kissed glow while sipping a few backyard bevies with pals this weekend - Miss Fox has ya covered with (no, no, not Orange) Bondi Sands Spray Tans.

But first. A natural looking golden glow takes a little prep. So here’s the Miss Fox Tips + Tricks for preparing for your spray tan + looking after your (faux) sun-kissed skin.

5 tips to prepare for your spray tan:

1.  If you’re booking a spray tan for a special event, Miss Fox recommends booking 1-2 days beforehand. If you’re a Bride or Groom + you’ve not had a spray tan before - book a trial a few months out from ya big day.

2.  Got other beauty prep to do? Schedule your lashes, facial, massage, manicures + pedicures treatments at least 1 day before your spray tan. But PSSST, we recommend at least 48hrs between brow appointments + your spray tan.

3.  The (not-so) secret to an even tan? Remove dead, dry + flaky skin before application. Tan has a tricky little way of sticking to dry skin - making it look patchy. And we think it’s fair to assume - that’s not the looking you’re going for, right!?! Crank up a warm (not hot) shower to open pores + soften your skin + buff away the build-up of dead skin cells with this magic mitt. And don’t forget to show ya face some exfoliation love with Inked Fruit + Flower Enzyme Mask.

4.  This is also the perfect time to shave. But, be gentle. Nicks + cuts from shaving can result in uneven spray tan application. Try a Brontë Body Reusable Safety Razor to avoid any skin sensitivity, redness + shaving rash before your tan. Orrrr, better yet? Ditch the razor + book in for a Wax at least 24 hours before your tan to avoid having to shave in the days following your spray tan (which will often affect the longevity of your tan).

5.  Smooth skin is always in. If you’re exfoliating the day before your spray tan, apply a layer of Anihana Soild Moisturiser after showering to stop any dryness creeping back into your skin. Pay extra attention to your hands, feet, elbows + knees which are prone to dryness.

5 dos + don’ts on the day of your spray tan:

1.  Don’t apply any moisturisers, deodorant or perfume on the day of your spray tan appointment. And please, if poss - turn up to your appointment sans makeup + jewellery. 

2.  If you don’t wanna wear the disposable g-string + head-cap Miss Fox provides, you’re totes welcome to go commando. Remember every body + any body is welcome here. You’re also welcome to wear your own undergarments if you feel more comfortable, but we can’t guarantee the tan solution won’t stain your precious smalls.

3. Bring loose, dark clothing to put on after your spray tan appointment. Ideally you’d also ditch ya bra, or wear a strapless bra to avoid disruption lines.

4. A Miss Fox Bondi Sands Spray Tan can be washed off after 2 hours but we recommend waiting 6-8 hours (or overnight) to allow your tan to fully develop. If you’re catching a few zzzzz’s before washing off ya tan - although the solution we use is transfer resistant we still recommend sleeping on dark bedding.

5. To reveal your tan, rinse in a lukewarm shower + be as quick as poss (no need to use body wash or soap). You’ll notice the guide colour running off your skin + disappearing down the drain, but don’t freak out - this is totes normal. As soon as the water runs clear, hop out of the shower + gently pat your skin dry.

2 tips to make the most of your new sun-kissed glow:

1.  Avoid swimming, exercising, sweating or getting caught in the rain (but totes drink piña coladas - have we got ya singing the tune?) for 24 hours after your spray tan.

2.  For the week following your tan, continue to pat your skin dry post-showering + keep your skin hydrated with a top quality moisturiser. Miss Fox rates + recommends Anihana Solid Moisturisers to fight the fade. You can exfoliate lightly every few days to aid a gradual fade.

Miss Fox Spray Tan FAQs

  • Can I swim after a spray tan?

Avoid swimming 24 hours after your tan appointment, after that you're free to get wet! However, seawater + chlorinated pools may result in your tan fading more quickly.

  • Can I exercise after my spray tan?

Avoid exercising for 24 hours after your spray tan but after that you can hit the gym. However, excessive heavy sweating on the regular may result in faster fading.

  • What spray tan product do you use?

Here at Miss Fox Aesthetics we use Bondi Sands because they use quality formulas. These are formulas defined by a premium green/blue dye that results in a natural looking tan. Rather than a orange/yellow dye, using lower quality ingredients, which can result in an unwanted orange skin tone. Bondi Sands formulas are also not tested on animals, are vegan + cruelty free, reef friendly + committed to sustainability + reducing their carbon footprint + enriched in aloe vera + infused with a fresh coconut scent.

  • How long will my spray tan last?

Your spray tan should last between 5-7 days. With good prep + moisturising it can last even longer. However, everyone’s skin turnover rate is different + this time frame can vary depending on that.

  • Can I have a spray tan if I’m pregnant?

DHA (the active ingredient in tan products) typically only sits on the top layer of your skin + shouldn’t be harmful during pregnancy. However, Miss Fox always recommends seeking the advice of your midwife or doctor before undergoing any treatment.  We recommend avoiding spray tanning the breast area whilst breastfeeding.

  • Will the product transfer onto my clothing or bedding? 

Although the product we use is transfer resistant, we recommend wearing dark clothing + sleeping on dark bedding until rinsing. Should the spray tan product get on your clothing or bedding, rest assured the product is water solvable + should easily wash out. Although this should be done as soon as possible.

  • Can I get sunburnt with a spray tan?

A spray tan doesn’t offer any sun protection. We recommend protecting your skin with My Sunshine Sunscreen every single day - rain, hail or shine.

One final message to the residents of the sun-soaked Hawke’s Bay?

Look, we know it’s tempting to soak up the rays + yip, for sure - a little Vitamin D is damn good for your skin, soul + health - but like anything, there’s a fine line between enough of a good thing + too much. Spray tans are the safe alternative to solar exposure with no harmful UV exposure, won’t cause wrinkles, premature skin ageing or lead to skin cancer + they have the added benefit of additional skin-nourishing ingredients.

If a sun-kissed natural glow is your kinda thang -  book your Spray Tan, step inside the Miss Fox Studio + discover the difference. 


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