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We’re not ya ordinary Napier Skin + Beauty Therapists

‘Cos whale songs, fluffy pink pillows + overwhelming beauty treatment menus ain’t our thing.

But good banter in a safe + welcoming space, ridiculously great brows, lashes, skin + waxing treatments + making you feel confident in the skin you’re in, ab-so-lute-ly is.

We’re a darling duo with a deep love for skin + beauty at our core.

With decades of experience between us we’re committed to stickin’ to what we’re good *ahem - the best* at + saying “umm, hard pass” to fluff, fads + being everything to everyone.

Miss Fox Aesthetics Napier | Napier Beauty Duo


We’re here to bring you the best dang Lash Lifts + Tints, Brow Shaping, Henna Brows, Brow Lamination, Dermalogica Skin Treatments + gentle Waxing techniques for all folk with body hair.

Customised, low-maintenance + street ready looks for the aesthetically conscious humans of Hawke’s Bay is one-hundy our thing. And they’re about to become yours, too.

Step inside the studio + experience the Miss Fox difference...

Meet the Miss Fox Crew

Chantelle - Foxy Founder: Skin + Beauty Therapist

An internationally qualified Skin + Beauty Therapist for over 15 years - Chantelle believes in finding your niche, refining your skill + creating customised skin + beauty treatments for busy people who wanna work with what they’ve got.

Music snob, book-worm + a Capricorn to her core (practical + perfectionist), Chantelle is blessed to have worked with, learnt from + been mentored by some of the best in the beauty industry - including Dermalogica + OFF & ON.

When you visit Chantelle at Miss Fox in Napier, you won’t be overwhelmed by confusing skin + beauty treatments or uncomfortable up-selling. Instead, you’ll be welcomed inside a safe space where you know ya brows, lashes, face, body + hairy bits will be taken care of with expert hands + precision attention to detail.

Ashleigh: MF Skin + Beauty Therapist

With a wide-range of experience in the beauty bizzo - Ashleigh has a background in makeup, SFX makeup + beauty therapy.

Inherently creative, emotionally intelligent + a wicked eye for detail - you’re in safe hands with Ashleigh. Not only is she dang good at what she does, but she’s got this way of making everyone who walks through the studio doors feel beautiful + confident.

Experience the Miss Fox difference

Why visit Miss Fox for ya brows, lashes, skin + waxing treatment? Well, we’re glad you asked. Buckle-in for the 101...

A consultation that gives you confidence

Don’t you worry pal - we’re not waxing, shaping or colouring to match the latest trend if it’s not going to enhance what you’ve been blessed with. And we certainly don’t do fluffy facials. We’ve said it before + we’ll say it again - ordinary ain’t our thing.

Tell us about your likes + dislikes, your hopes + dreams + your beauty routine (or cough lack of – there's zero judgement here). Miss Fox wants to know how your brows, lashes, skin + hairy bits fit into the bigger picture.

Customised brow, lash, skin + waxing treatments that leave you look street-ready + on top of your game

You wish for it + Miss Fox will work for it.

We’re all aware of how your brows introduce you before you even speak, your lashes give your the confidence to let someone see into your soul, your gorge face feels it’s best when it’s calm, firm, bright + clear, + how your hairy bits are screaming to be tamed ‘cos date night is tonight + you just can’t find the time.

Skills to maintain your brows, lashes, skin + smooth bits, at home, between appointments

It’s a hand-on-heart-foxy-promise that we’ll never whip you into shape + wave you out the door.

You deserve the whole experience, + the testament of a true brow, lash, skin + waxing specialist is a treatment that looks natural, street-ready + lasts the distance between appointments.

You’ll get the low-down on each treatment, + tips + tricks on how to maintain your new look at home.

You truly deserve the best! So have your brows, lashes, skin + hairy bits tamed by the best.


‘Cos loyalty should go both ways. Right!?!

And your loyalty? Is never lost on us. Hot damn we appreciate you.

So… we’ve whipped up MF Perks to say, ‘Chur’ + pay it back to you.

Beauty Treatments at Miss Fox Aesthetics Hawkes Bay


Get ya name on our VIP list + there will be no more waiting at the *virtual* door in the cold. 

Be the first to hear all the secrets straight from the den + get a cheeky 15% off ya first order from Shop with Miss Fox.

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Go you good thing! Cheers for joining the Miss Fox Crew.


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