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Unsure Of Your Cervix Height?

It’s important to know the position of your cervix to help find the right cup for you.  Measuring your cervix is easy. Because your cervix can move during your cycle, for the most accurate results, we recommend following the below steps on day 1 - 3 of your period.  Step 1:   Wash your hands  Step 2:    Insert a finger into your vagina and feel for your cervix (sometimes a gentle sweeping action will help find it).  Your cervix will feel a bit like ...

October 2, 2022

Why The Hello Cup Is Your New Bestie!

So what the heck is The Hello Cup? Times have changed and people with periods want options that are better for their bodies and the environment. The Hello Cup is a complete game-changer when it comes to periods. Designed in New Zealand, and made right here in HB they are the ‘bloody brilliant’ menstrual cups everyone is talking about. We feel strongly that, when it comes to your vjayjay, you only want to put trustworthy stuff up there (sound advice from our grandmothers). Not all cups are eq...

October 2, 2022

What To Do Before + After A Spray Tan With Miss Fox

Can ya hear that? Yip, it’s the joyous sounds of the humans of Hawke’s Bay squealing with excitement as word gets around that your fav brow + lash + waxing specialists (aka the dynamic duo at Miss Fox Aesthetics) are now offering in-studio spray tans. Whether you’ve got a spesh event coming up, wanna feel like you’ve spent a week in the tropics when you were really watching Casper the Friendly Ghost on Netflix, or you’re after that sun-kissed glow while sipping a few backyard bevies wi...

August 24, 2022

The Miss Fox Beginners Guide To Waxing

New to waxing ya body hair? Or wondering what the difference is between a Bikini Wax, Extended Bikini or Brazilian? Well… good thing you’ve landed here. You’re in the right place. As your resident Hawke’s Bay Waxologists, we’re dishing the 101 on all things body waxing with our waxing tips + frequently asked questions for beginners.  But first. In true Miss Fox fashion. A little pep talk. If you’ve read the Miss Fox Shaving Guide For Beginners, you’ll know what we’re ab...

July 25, 2022

Say Byeeee To Dry, Dehydrated + Dull Winter Skin

Winter skin, it’s a thing alright! But, it’s 100% not a vibe. As the outdoor temperature drops + we turn it up inside, tight, itchy, flaky, dry, dehydrated + dull skin starts to make an oh-so-unwelcome appearance. If you’re seeking healthy, happy + glowing skin (ain’t we all) - then read on pal, ‘cos I’m about to dish the goods....

July 5, 2022

Shaving Guide for Beginners

Shaving for the first time? Get familiar with these 6 simple shaving tips + prevent ingrown hairs, razor rash + love the skin you're in. ...

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